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After bumping into Em at the New Artist Fair, John thought about stalking around the streets of London for a while. He'd stayed to look at some of the other artists, but only as long as he thought necessary: now, especially now, he was just being a college kid again, just some irate doofus who made stupid comments about art. Nothing to see here, thank you very much.

If he hadn't have been so furious, he might have been concerned at how easily he dove into habits of a life gone by: checking where the CCTV was, keeping the collar of his jacket up, careful to cross roads in the thick of a crowd. Always assuming that someone might be watching. Just because that red-headed fascist hadn't shown up to put the word up him again didn't mean they weren't around.

Because now they were after Em, it seemed. And from Em, to him, and from him to Bobby.

In the end he'd moved from the fair back to the house with a predator's efficiency through the afternoon throng: kicking it around the streets wasn't the right thing to do. He was too intense for that, too cursed with dark thoughts and darker desires, and they kept stewing in his mind. And again, wandering around London while being stone cold sober was just asking for someone to wonder what the fuck he was up to.

So he let the gate latch close behind him with a clink, opened up the door like any normal person, and casually closed it behind him. Striding down the corridor, he was like a different man, in a different house; wary, coiled tight, the walking wounded, and practically hopped over the back of the couch to land there, knees pulled up, and didn't look at the TV or his boyfriend. Didn't especially care if he'd interrupted Bobby watching what the fuck ever.

"Some people came looking for Em," he announced, in a hard tone. "Possible kidnap attempt, possible damage intended." He wasn't sure which would be worse. Finally then, he pulled his lighter out, rubbed it across a palm. "I think someone's looking for us." And only then did he let himself look at Bobby.

Date: 2015-09-23 09:41 am (UTC)
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Bobby wasn't completely oblivious. The moment John hurdled the couch, he could pick up on the stress coming from him, and he looked away from the TV, concerned. Before he got a word out, though, John was talking, and his words sent a chill through him that had nothing to do with his mutation. He sat up straighter, frowning.

"What? Why? What happened? Is Em okay?" The questions spilled out right on top of each other as John's tension started affecting him, too. He didn't understand. Why would anyone be looking for them? They were nobodies now, just normal people going about their lives. They weren't in the news anymore, no one remembered what they were. He liked it that way.

Date: 2015-09-23 10:13 am (UTC)
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If John was expecting Bobby to have a problem with keeping an eye on their friend after she'd been attacked, he was going to be surprised. Bobby nodded curtly at John's words. "Yeah, good idea."

As much as he hated to admit it, John's logic did make some sense. "Wait, but how would they know she's a mutant, in that case?" he pointed out as the thought occurred to him. "Maybe it was just a random thing." Which didn't mean he wouldn't be on his guard going forward. He wasn't taking chances. If someone had found out what Em was, it wasn't at all a stretch to think they could know about him and John too, and wouldn't it be convenient? Two mutants at one address.

He glanced toward the front of the house, wondering if they were safe here, even.

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"I don't think we should jump to conclusions," Bobby said, trying not to freak out at the thought that someone could be hunting them. "It's not like that anymore. You know that. I'm not saying it's not about us for sure, but it might not be." But John had made another good point. A mutant that could gauge other people's powers? He had never met one, but he wasn't entirely surprised by the notion that they existed. And there were psis, too. Hell, even someone with powers like Em's could potentially find them.

"We'll be careful. Take precautions. Be on guard until we know more," he said, hoping that might reassure John, even though it wasn't really reassuring him. "And we'll keep an eye on Em too, definitely. But...not overtly. I don't want her to think we don't think she can take care of herself, you know?" He knew he would be rather offended if someone started trying to babysit him. "If someone comes for any of us...we'll deal with it." He hated the thought of fighting again, of using his powers offensively, but if it came to it, he'd do it without hesitation. He'd trained as an X-Man. He could damn well take care of the people that mattered to him now, even if he wasn't playing hero anymore.

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John's words made Bobby feel a wave of guilt. Sure, life was easier for him like this, but it was selfish of him to enjoy it as much as he did. What about the other mutants out there, that didn't have such a good life? What about the mutants that couldn't pass as human, that now had to hide?

He looked down and nodded. "No, yeah, I get that," he said softly, and then looked up at John again. "But I'm not gonna let that happen to you, John. Not as long as I'm still breathing." He wanted to move close to John, to hold him and share his strength, because John seemed like he needed it, but he hesitated. After that speech, he almost felt like he didn't deserve to comfort him right now. After all, here he was, enjoying their situation even though he knew it was upsetting to John. That John had lost as much as Bobby had gained when everyone had forgotten them.

In the end, though, his compassion and love was stronger than his guilt, and he sighed softly, shifting closer and slipping an arm around John's shoulders. "Whatever's going on, we'll keep each other safe. We may not have all of the other stuff anymore, but we have each other."

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Bobby smiled a little and squeezed his hand. "I'm glad you think so," he said quietly, leaning his head against John's.

There was no way Bobby would let John up in a cell again, not unless he did something to deserve it, and even then...well, he wouldn't think about that. John wouldn't do anything to deserve it, he was pretty sure. He hoped.

"Yeah? Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. And even if it is, if they're after her..." he shook his head. "I don't like it when people attack my friends, no matter what their reason. We'll help her stay safe." He rubbed his arm over John's bicep, nuzzling his hair a little. "We both know how to fight if it comes to that." And if Em's safety was in danger, he would fight. Not to kill, not unless there was no other way, but he could disable quite nicely, thanks. Freeze a gun, lock someone in place with a nice block of ice for shoes, spray a blast of needle-sharp ice shards into someone's face to distract and disorient...he hadn't used those skills in years, but he knew they were right there at his fingertips if ever he needed them.

Date: 2015-09-28 10:19 am (UTC)
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Bobby moved a hand up to John's hair, running his fingers through it slowly as John nestled against him. "I know it's not, but I'm not just gonna count on someone else to take care of her, you know? She's one of us," he said quietly, closing his eyes. He really hoped it wouldn't come to a fight, really hoped they weren't being hunted, but...he would be ready if they were.

But for now, he would just keep John close, cling to the sense of safety in his arms, in their little house together.
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