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John had been curious about ever since Bobby had unpacked. He'd found the toy amongst Bobby's things, and slipped it aside into a drawer while Bobby was in the kitchen. He wasn't about to confront Bobby about it: for someone with thrilled to the idea of getting caught, actual sex and actual sexual habits could still make him clam up like the boy next door Bobby wanted to be.

Boys next door had dildos, though. They had toys, and fianc├ęs, and they fucked like rabbits in the men's room of at least three pubs John could name. As far as John could tell, there was nothing incompatible with helping old ladies across the street and being the biggest dorky dad ever, and having a healthy, active, and mildly kinky sex life. All Bobby needed was to bridge the gap.

And besides, John really wanted to try the fucking thing. Bobby certainly hadn't taken it with him back to Boston, and so he must have bought it there, played with it under covers and behind closed doors, mouth clamped shut even as he'd thought of John, John, John.

"You're an adventurous slut there, sweetheart," John had muttered when he'd had an afternoon to himself, and gotten it out, checked all the settings, the batteries, all of it. He propped up the pillows on their bed, kicked away the covers, and slid back, slicking his fingers up with lube to play with himself gently. But that wasn't enough, that was not going to be enough. Eyeing the thing (it looked bigger now he was gonna use it, all glossy black and sleek), John took a breath, lowering himself down, and found with a bit of a noise that the head slid in easily. He moved around a bit to find the right angle and - yeah. That was good. Panting a little in anticipation, John grunted as he got it all the way in, and only then did he turn it onto the lowest setting, a near-instant sheen of sweat coating his face, body unable to do more than rock as it set up waves of pleasure deep within him, face going slacker and slacker in ecstasy.
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